About us

RCT Socialist Party is a branch of the Socialist Party of England and Wales. We hold weekly branch meetings, which you can see from the calender on the right and we are also involved in various campaigns. We hold several campaign stalls on a weekly basis as well as other campaigning activites. Our main campaign at the moment is against the cuts being made by RCT counil and we are heavily involved in RCT Against the Cuts. Our young members are involved in building Youth Fight for Jobs and our student members play a leading role in Socialist Students at the University of Glamorgan, we participate in the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) and electoral alliance of socialists and trade unionists

For more information or to join Click Here or you can contact Glyn at glyn.matthews.rct@gmail.com

We have a long and proud record of struggling with working-class people to defend our services, wages and the standard of living. We are involved in many campaigns throughout Wales.
We are completely opposed to the cuts in public services being passed onto working class people in Britain and the rest of Europe to pay for the current capitalist crisis caused by the greed of bankers and the super rich. We support a mass campaign to resist the cuts including workers in the public sector, service users, students and the whole of society affected by them.

We support the struggle of students to resist the increase in university tuition fees and cuts in education and for the restoration of the Education Maintenance Allowance across the whole of Britain.
We support workers in industrial disputes. Socialist Party Wales members have played leading roles in important disputes, such as the dispute at the Swansea Linamar car parts plant and in the civil service in Wales.

We fight against student tuition fees and against privatisation of our services. We campaign for better pay, to stop council house sell-offs and for free education.

We campaigned against the war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and fight for a socialist world free of war and terror.

We campaign to stop the destruction and pollution of our planet and its environment.

We campaigned in support of a "Yes" vote for greater powers for the Welsh Assembly to allow the working class of Wales to exert greater pressure to defend public services. But we also campaign for a new party of the working class that will offer a real alternative to the four pro-capitalist parties currently represented in the Welsh Assembly and will stand up to the attacks on services of all four main parties and point the way towards a socialist change in Wales, Britain and beyond.

That is why we participate in the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) formed in 2010 with leading members of the RMT, POA and PCS trade unions to stand for public ownership, not cuts and privatisation; jobs, not handouts to the bankers; the repeal of the anti-trade union laws, protection of the environment, decent pensions, and democratic rights. TUSC calls for the troops to be brought back from Afghanistan immediately and for a democratic socialist society run in the interests of the people not the millionaires.

All our public representatives like MPs and councillors will only accept the average workers' wage and
donate the rest of the bloated wages and expenses back to the workers and socialist movement. .

In the 1980s and 90s we were known as the Militant Tendency when we campaigned for the Labour Party to return to its socialist roots and we opposed the formation of New Labour. We led Liverpool City council's battle for decent housing, jobs and services, and later defeated Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's poll tax which forced her to resign.

The Socialist Party is affiliated to the Committee for a Workers' International in places such as Australia, Ireland, Germany, Sri Lanka and Sweden also have elected councillors. Joe Higgins and Clare Daly are Socialist Party MPs in Ireland, where they are known as the only honest people in the Irish parliament!

Both Joe and Clare have only ever taken the wages of the average skilled worker in his constituency, donating the rest to fund the struggles of the working class. The CWI's German section has six councillors, while Lucy Redler has gained national prominence by helping lead a struggle against cuts in Berlin. The CWI's Swedish party has eight councillors.

The Socialist Party has more than twenty members elected onto the major trade union national executives.

What We Stand For

Fight the cuts

  • No to ALL cuts in jobs and services.
  • For a mass campaign of strike action and civil disobedience against the ConDem cutbacks. Set up local anti cuts committees.
  • For a union leadership that will fight the cuts.
  • For the Welsh Assembly and councils to refuse to carry out ConDem cuts and mobilise a mass campaign of defiance to the ConDem government to defend public services. Demand the return of the £300 million under-funding of Wales.
  • Tax the super rich. Claw back the £123 billion a year lost through tax evasion and avoidance.
  • Stop subsidising the banks and bankers' bonuses. Nationalise the banks and finance houses.

Work & Income

  • Trade union struggle to increase the minimum wage to £8 an hour without exemptions as an immediate step towards £10 an hour. For an annual increase in the minimum wage linked to average earnings.
  • All workers, including part-timers, temps, casual and migrant workers to have trade union rates of pay, employment protection, and sickness and holiday rights from day one of employment.
  • An immediate 50% increase in the state retirement pension, as a step towards a living pension. Reinstate the link with average earnings or inflation whichever is higher.
  • Oppose benefit cuts. For the right to decent benefits, education, training, or a job, without compulsion.
  • Scrap the anti-trade union laws. For fighting trade unions, democratically controlled by their members. Full-time union officials to be regularly elected and receive no more than a worker's wage.
  • For the Welsh assembly to have the power to nationalise firms threatening redundancies with no compensation except for proven need.
  • A maximum 35-hour week with no loss of pay.
  • Nationalise the giant agribusinesses and large landowners. For tenant farmers to be given long term security. Nationalisation of retail giants to ensure farmers receive a fair price for their produce and interest-free loans.

Public services

  • No to privatisation and the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). Renationalise all privatised utilities and services, with compensation paid only on the basis of proven need.
  • Fully fund all services and run them under accountable, democratic committees that include representatives of service workers and users.
  • A socialist NHS to provide for everyone's health needs - free at the point of use and under democratic control. Kick out private contractors.
  • Keep council housing publicly-owned. For a massive building programme of publicly-owned housing, on an environmentally sustainable basis, to provide good quality homes with affordable rents.


  • Free, publicly-run, good quality education, available to all at any age. Abolish university tuition fees now and introduce a living grant.
  • The right of all pupils to be able to opt for Welsh or English medium education at an accessible school with class sizes of no more than 20.
  • Oppose the Assembly's school closures programme and job losses - use lower pupil numbers to reduce class sizes.
  • No school to close without the agreement of local communities.
  • Build new Welsh-medium schools when needed, no closure of community schools. For local, community-based schools run by elected school boards.


  • Major research and investment into replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy and into ending the problems of early obsolescence and unrecycled waste.
  • Public ownership of the energy generating industries. No to nuclear power. No to Trident.
  • Major investment in a cheap, accessible, integrated and environmentally friendly publicly owned transport system.


  • Oppose discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, disability, sexuality, age, and all other forms of prejudice.
  • Repeal all laws that trample over civil liberties. For the right to protest. End police harassment.
  • Defend abortion rights. For a woman's right to choose when and whether to have children.
  • For the right to asylum. No to racist immigration laws.


  • The Welsh and English languages to have equal legal rights. All major companies which provide services to the public to provide choice of use of Welsh language.
  • No discrimination against workers who initially can only speak English. Learning to speak the basic Welsh needed in relation to their job should be seen as part of their training and paid for in company time.
  • Defend majority Welsh-speaking communities in rural areas through a council house building programme and job creation to allow people to remain living in their local communities if they wish.

Towards a Socialist Wales

  • For a new mass party of the working class.
  • For a "Yes" vote in the referendum on Assembly powers on March 3rd. The Welsh Assembly to be given full legislative and financial powers, including powers to take over firms threatening redundancy.
  • Take into public ownership the top companies that control the Welsh economy, under democratic workers control and management. Compensation only on the basis of proven need.
  • Tax the super-rich. For a socialist government to take into public ownership the top 150 companies and banks that dominate the British economy, and run them under democratic working-class control and management. Compensation to be paid only on the basis of proven need.
  • For a socialist Wales as part of a socialist alliance of Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland.
  • No to imperialist wars and occupations. Withdraw the troops immediately from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • A democratic socialist plan of production based on the interests of the overwhelming majority of people, and in a way that safeguards the environment.
  • No to the bosses' neo-liberal European Union. For a socialist Europe and a socialist world.