Monday, 16 January 2012

What Marx and Engels really stood for

               RCT Socialist Update no. 41

As capitalism becomes more and more exposed as a system based of the greed and riches of a few at the expense, exploitation and misery of the masses, It is not uncommon for many people to look around for an alternative. In this background for the ideas of Karl Marx and is close collaborator Engels to be distorted out of all recognition.

Often the ideas are associated with the stalinist regimes of eastern Europe or Russia, but these were dictatorships which did not represent their true ideas, other charges often laid against the ideas of marxist is that it is against freedom of the individual or corrupt others say it will lead to economic decay, but all these allegations are false.

This week at our weekly branch meeting we wil be discussing this very topic, what were the real ideas of Marx and Engels and what do those ideas mean for todays world. Come along and participate in the discussion on how we can fight for a socialist world. You canread some articles about the ideas of marxism at the what is marxism website in the meantime.

Come Along to the meeting.
Wednesday 18th January 7.15pm
Otley Arms Treforest

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