Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Building the fightback in 2012

RCT Socialist Update no. 39

We can now look back at 2011 a year which held the biggest trade union demonstrations and strike action in British history, which saw the occupy movement around the globe, revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East and mass resistance right throughout Europe to bankers and capitalism. All of this however will soon be seen as just the opening act for th struggles which will unfold throughout 2012. There has never been more of a crucial time to become an activist within the Socialist Party.

Come along to our first branch meeting of the year when will be discussing this very issue, the prospects for 2012, how and where anger is likely to erupt and how the Socialist Party will be participating in these struggles.

The meeting will be
Wednesday 4th January, 7.15pm
Otley Arms, Treforest

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