Monday, 5 December 2011

RCT Socialist Update no. 37

In the last week we have seen the biggest
strike action in Britain since 1926. With almost 3 million public sector workers out on strike it was a huge sign that working class people are no longer prepared to sit back and accept the dictates of the markets or the politicians who bow to every move by them. The burning anger was evident from the picket lines and the demonstrations in both Cardiff and Merthyr and from reports we have heard from right across the country. Socialist Party members were out in force on November 30th, many of them forming picket lines at there own workplaces with fellow trade union activists, whilst those members not working in the public sector, paid a visit to as many picket lines as possible before heading of to the march and rally in Cardiff. The highlight of the demonstration was hearing the improptu rally held by the National Shop Stewards Network at the begining of the demonstration.

Along with this strike action and the growing mood of anger towards the cuts agenda of the government we have seen the emergence of the Occupy Movement which has come to South Wales and has currently set up camp outside Transport House in Cardiff, with so many people there looking for an alternative model for society and actively looking towards the organisations of the working class, the trade unions for guidance.

The big question after the strike action of last week is 'What Next?' where do we go from here to effectively push back the governments assault on public services. Come along to the Socialist Party public meeting in Pontypridd to discuss this very issue, speakers wil include public sector workers who took strike on on November 30th. In the meantime you can watch this marvelous video from the Socialist Party covering events on that day.

Come along to the meeting
Tuesday 7pm
Pontypridd Musuem

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