Monday, 12 December 2011

Fighting the cuts after N30

RCT Socialist Update no. 38

Last week we saw between 2 and 3 million public sector workers take strike action defend public sector pensions and the government were visibly shaken as the saw the working class move into action against their cuts agenda. This week saw private sector workers and Unilever take similiar strike action to defend their final salary pension schemes, displaying the myths of gold plated pensions in the public sector, whilst private sector workings carried on as normal.

With this heroic display of the strength and combativity of the organised working class came the question of everyones lips 'Where Next?' How can we finally defeat this government and how can we defend all public services which faces huge cuts in the false claim we are all in the together.

South East Wales Socialist Party will be hosting a public meeting on just that topic. Speakers will include John McInally the vice president of PCS (the civil service trade union) and socialist party member, as well as one of the striking electricians at Llandough hospital. Come along and join the discussion on the way forward in the battle against cuts and in defence of public services. In the meantime you can read this article about the strike day in Wales

The meeting is at
Tuesday 13th 7pm

Cardiff Bus and Social Club, Tudor Street (5 minutes walk from central station)

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