Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Socialism or Anarchy?

RCT Socialist Update no. 33

As the economic crisis is ridden out comfortably by the rich whilst it is us ordinary people who are paying the price in the most savage of ways across the world. Capitalism as a system is being openly questioned and many are rightly coming to the conclusion that is it a thoroughly corrupt sysem run in the interests of the rich by exploited the majority of us.

The only questions which remains for so many people is what do we replace capitalism with. So many working class people are looking for alternatives and the most common are those of Socialism and of Anarchism. This week at our weekly branch meeting the discussion will focus on these distinct ideas what their similiarities are and what the differences are, but most importantly which of these ideas can be put into practice to produce an equal society.

Inevitably the discussion will reflect the view that socialism forward and the only viable replacement for capitalism. Come along and find out the reasons why or to ask any questions, if you disagree come along and argue you rpoint this us and join the discussion. In the meantime you can read this short article about Socialism vs. Anarchism here http://www.socialistparty.net/pub/pages/socialist014mar06/8.htm

Come along to the meeting
Wednesday 5th, 7.15pm
Otley Arms, Treforest

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