Monday, 24 October 2011

Crisis in the Eurozone

RCT Socialist Update no.36
As the world economic crisis deepens much of the focus has turned to the eurozone which is currently in chaos with no way out in sight. Yet this is not simply a problem for those countries within the Eurozone but a problem for many outside of it including Brtain. Whilst the political establishment look to making more and more cuts around eurozone nations in the hope of bringing economic stability, what is becoming more and more apparent is that it is only making things worse. In reality though on the basis of capitalism the only way forward is to brutually crush the living standards of workers all across Europe.

This week the Socialist Party will be holding a joint meeting of all our branches in South East Wales in which we will discuss the current state of the European economy and what effects it will have, more importantly we will discuss future developments in the economy but also the mounting resistance to this which is growing rapidly, particularly within Southern Europe but spreading outwards from there.

Come along to the discussion and find out more about the Socialist Party and our sister parties throughout Europe and join the discssion about the socialist alternative to this capitalist chaos. In the meantime you could read this short article about the Eurozone economy here

Come along to the meeting
Wednesday 7pm
Cardiff Bus and Social Club
Tudor Street, Cardiff (5 minutes walk from central station)

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