Sunday, 16 October 2011

Brtain heading for a showdown

RCT Socialist Update no. 35

On the 30th of Novenmber pending ballot results it is likely that Brtain will see the biggest strike action since 1926 and the largest number of workers on strike in a single day. All of this because the government is intent on making working class people pay for the crisis of the rich and quite rightly ordinary people are not willing to lie back and take it.

One June 30th we saw the first co-ordinated public sector strike action of the governments attacks on public sector pensions with over 700,000 on strike, but November 30th is likely to be much larger with upto 3 or 4 million on strike. Along with this public support for the strike action is extremely high not just because of the battle over pensions but rather because this is seen by many as the frontline in the battle against all austerity measures.

November 30th will certainly go down in history as a turning point, and Socialist Party members will be heavily involved in picket lines and demonstrations on the day, but all this poses a much larger and more significant question. Where is Brtain going? How will the government respond, and what steps should we take next in the battle against cutbacks to pay for the crisis of the rich.

This week out our regular branch meeting we will have a discussion based around these topics, we will take a look at recent events and the prospects for the near future, not for the sake of it, but in order to best equip of for the unfolding situation so as to best place us for the fight for socialism. You can read a recent article from on the subject here

Come along to the meeting
Wednesday 7.15pm
Otley Arms, Treforest

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