Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Socialism in the 21st Century

RCT Socialist Update no. 32

Capitalism is in crisis, whilst the financial systems around the world a on the brink of collapse and every effort is made to save them by making ordinary people pay the price by slashing public services, education, pensions and benefits. It is more and more clear that capitalism isn't working. Not only is in not working but working class people around the world are the ones paying the price, whilst the rich carry on as normal.

For us to maintain public services and education, along with everything else we need to rid ourselves of the capitalist economy and replace it with socialism, the only system which can provide us all with decent living standards and end the dictatorship of the markets. The question on most peoples minds though is what would be different with socialism and how can we achieve it? You can also find out more here http://socialism.org.uk/

This Thursday Hannah Sell the deputy general secretary of the Socialist Party and author of 'Socialism in the 21st Century' will be speaking on these every topics and much more. Come along to the meeting to find out more about what socialism is, and how we can fight to stop the cutbacks we all face. There will be a discussion after Hannah speaks so you can ask any questions you may have.

Come along to the meeting
Thursday 7pm
Koko Gorrilaz, Cardiff  (5 mins walk from Cathays train station)
If you are unsure where it is, give me a call on 07931955007 and I can meet you at Cathays train station.

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