Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Youth Fight for Jobs (Wales) Press release

Below we have reproduced a press release sent out by Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) in Wales.

Youth Fight for Jobs Press Release

Contact: Glyn Matthews 07931 955007

For immediate use Tuesday, 15 August

After the march from Merthyr to Cardiff, Youth Fight for Jobs continue to fight against youth unemployment

After completing the Merthyr to Cardiff march against the levels of youth unemployment in Wales, and also against the comments of Iain Duncan Smith, the members of Youth Fight for Jobs reflect on the march itself, and look at the riots as an example of anger that young people have against the current system.

Whilst riots are regrettable, they are, under the current circumstances, inevitable. Young people feel like they have been left on the scrap-heap. Left with no prospects and seeing their youth centres being cut all around, young people are revolting.

We see the politicians in Westminster condemning the riots without talking about the root of the riots themselves. To prevent future scenes, we must look at the root problem and solve it, instead of ignoring the demands of young people.

Youth Fight for Jobs are a group that are essential to young people. Young people need a voice, a voice that is loud enough to get their opinions aired and listened to by the inactive politicians that govern this country.

As many young people are nervously awaiting their A level results, universities across Britain have already declared themselves full, leaving potentially thousands of young people with nowhere to go. With no university places and no jobs, what is left for young people? These are issues that Youth Fight for Jobs is addressing in their fight against the current state of affairs.

Youth Fight for Jobs will be holding a day of action on A levels results day, which is Thursday, the 18th of August. The day of action will commence at 12pm and will begin on Queen Street, Cardiff. Youth Fight for jobs are also holding a public meeting on Tuesday, the 30th of August at Riverside Community Centre, Cardiff. The meeting will begin at 7:30pm and will discuss the aftermath of the riots, the cuts to job, services and education and how young people can organise and fight against the cuts,

Contact Glyn Matthews 07931 955007 for further details.

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