Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Youth Fight for Jobs public meeting today!

This evening at 7.30pm in Riverside Community Centre (5 minutes walk from Cardiff Central station) Youth Fight for Jobs will be hosting a public meeting on the current situation facing young people. You can RSVP to the event via Facebook and you can also join the facebook group for Youth Fight for Jobs Wales.

Here is what Youth Fight for Jobs have to say about the event.

"The latest riots in Britain have sparked a wave of media attention. A lot of questions have been raised about what has happened to Britain's young people. Were these riots a result of bad schooling? Broken families? Light sentences for anti-social behaviour? With the government cutting jobs and youth services all over Britain the Youth Fight For Jobs campaign say it's no wonder young people have reacted in this way. However only... a day before the riots the Youth Fight For Jobs campaign organised a successful march from Merthyr Tydfil to Cardiff in protest against the appalling levels of youth unemployment. Unlike the rioting the protest gained a huge amount of public support and didn't result in any criminal damage.

The Youth Fight For Jobs campaign is therefore calling a public meeting in Cardiff for anyone who wishes to voice their views on the riots and contribute to the campaign to ensure that we can reach out to those young people tempted towards taking violent action to vent their frustrations. We believe that organised action is the way forward. Come along and bring friends and family too!"

The Socialist Party fully backs the campaign and many young members of the Socialist Party will be in attendance and we encourage others to come along as well.

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