Thursday, 18 August 2011

Who are the CWI?

The CWI stands for the Committee for a Workers' International and is an international socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated. With members in over 46 countries spanning all continents. You can visit the website of the CWI for more information.

At the recent CWI school a video was produced which shows just a glimpse of the work and scope of the various parties affiliated to the international. We have posted the video below as it is inspirational to see the various struggles our sister parites are engaged in throughout the world.

At the CWI summer school there were several discussions on world events and below we have posted links to reports on those discussions

Revolution and Counter-revolution in North Africa and the Middle East
World capitalist crisis
Greece in turmoil
Economic, social and political crisis maturing together in Europe
China on the verge of social explosion
The Spanish revolution and the lessons for today

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