Monday, 15 August 2011

Struggles across Europe

RCT Socialist Update no. 27

As the capitalist crisis is engulfing to world, where government after government is attempting to make working class people pay for the ciris caused by the rich, we have also witnessed mass movements develop against this. From North Africa and the Middle East to Wisconsin in the United States. Closer to home in Europe we have also seen mass movements develop in particular that of the 'Indignatos' in Spain and the 'engraged' in Greece but along side this movements in many other Europe nations including here in Britain such as the March 26th demonstration of 700,000 trade unionists. All this as well as a crisis within the Eurozone.

As socialists with sister parties around the world it is important for us to understand these developments and to learn lessons from these events. This week at our regular branch meeting we will be discussing the unfolding struggles throughout Europe. You can read some background on the topic here

At the meeting we will also be discussing our future plans within Youth Fight for Jobs after the highly successful march from Merthyr to Cardiff.

Come along to the meeting
Wednesday 17th August 7.15pm
Otley Arms, Treforest

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