Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The hardest hit

RCT Socialist Update no. 24

As the cuts are being revealed in all areas of life, whilst the bankers carry on as usual and working class people are being made to pay for the crisis which the rich caused. There is an even more vicious side to all of this and that is the attack on the rights of people with disabilites. The services, benefits jobs abvailable to the most vunerable in society are under attack showing the true and callous nature of the condem government.

This week at our regular branch meeting we will be discussing the cuts which are facing the disabled and how we can all unite to fight against these cuts as part of a campaign against all cut backs. You can read some background here about the "Hardest Hit Protest" and here which shows the vicious attacks which deprive those with disabilities from any dignaty.

At the meeting we will also be discussing our final preperation for our involvement in the Youth Fight for Jobs march from Merthyr to Cardiff from August 4-6th. For more information contact Rhys on 07814428973 for more details.

Come along to the meeting

Otley Arms, Treforest
Wednesday, 7.15pm

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