Monday, 27 June 2011

Not enough cash in the elderly to bother

A local care home, Ty Gwynno is facing the threat of closure along with other care homes run by Southern Cross which will leave the elderly residents with no home!
The reasons behind this are simple, taking care of the elderly doesn’t make as much money as they thought and these privatised care homes are putting the lives of people in serious jeopardy in their serious pursuit of profits at our expense.
At the same time as this Veolia Transport are to cut several bus routes in RCT which includes the services  run through Graig, to Penycoedcae and the bus service to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. Once again making the most vulnerable pay the price because the routes are not profitable.
Both these questions beg the question, why are these public services in the hands of these vultures who will only run them if it makes them a tidy profit

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