Sunday, 19 June 2011

Lessons of the German Revolution

RCT Socialist Update no. 19

This week we will be taking a look back in history in order to learn vital lessons for today and tomorrow.
In the revolutionary period of 1918 - 1923 in Germany there was heightened economic crisis and class tension, similar to Europe today and the working class had a real opportunity to take power for themselves and create a socialist society. Though mistakes were make which lead the working class to defeat and ultimately to the rise of Hitler and the Nazis in which the first to be persecuted were socialists and trade unionists as the combative arms of the working class.
As capitalism today is in a period of crisis it is vital for socialists to learn the lessons for today to ensure the same mistakes are never made again. You can read this background article on the topic here

At this weeks meeting we will also be organising our campaigning activities in particular our campaign against the proposed merger of the Royal Glamorgan and Prince Charles Hospitals which plans to downgrade the services and our preparation for the planned Youth Fight for Jobs march from Merthyr to Cardiff.

Come along to the meeting
Wednesday 7.15pm
Otley Arms, treforest

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