Saturday, 4 June 2011

Great start to the campaign against NHS cuts

Today members of RCT Socialist Party kicked off our campaigning opposing cuts to the NHS in great fashion.

The Welsh Assembly, despite claiming that they are protecting us from the cuts are proposing to cut £1.9 billion from the budget of the NHS in Wales alone.

Yes you did read that correctly, the are proposing to cut nearly 2 billion from healthcare in Wales!

The anger of people was obvious today with many people expressing that they are effectively taking money from the NHS and therefore healthcare for the sick and putting it in the pockets of the city bankers.

It really shows the true face of all the politicians who would rather see the rich get richer even if it costs lives, but don't worry the politicians are ok, they can afford to go private.

Our campaign stall was swamped with people wanting to sign the petition, we sold 64 copies of the socialist and would have sold a lot more if we hadn't run out!

The campaign will continue, the next step is the Public Meeting: Defend the NHS this coming Wednesday at 7.30pm in Pontypridd Musuem

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