Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Who and what to vote for in Wales.

With the polling booths about to open in a matter of hours many people are thinking who they should vote for or whether we should even bother, after all the politicians from the main 4 parties in Wales are virtually identical as they are all committed to making huge cut backs and making us all pay the price whilst the rich once again get away with it all.

Rhonndda Cynon Taff Socialist Party think that this is a great opportunity to show all the politicians what we think of them.

 On the first vote we recommend a spoilt ballot as the choice will be between politicians from the four main parties all of whom will vote for huge cuts in jobs and services and none of them deserve our vote. We need to build a new party to represent ordinary working class people and we won't do that by propping up the same corrupt politicians we have today.

On the second vote for the assembly where we vote for the regional list. In this case South Wales Central. We firmly advocate a vote for Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts a coalition of different organisations and indviduals including the Socialist Party who have been an extremely active part of the coaltion during this election campaign. TUSC is committed to opposing all cuts in jobs and services and every anti-cuts campaigner should make sure this is where there vote goes!

We also get the opportunity to vote in the referendum on whether to change from the first past the post system to the Alternative Vote (AV) system for Westminister elections. Whilst we believe that FPTP is a thoroughly undemocratic way of electing members of parliament. AV is no better and actually can be far worse. It will make it much harder for any smaller party including ourselves and TUSC to win any seats, the only real beneficiaries will be the Liberal Democrats who even with their unpopularity at the moment would come out with around 20 extra MP's under the AV system.

Socialists say no to AV, you can read further information about Socialists and the AV Referendum here

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