Sunday, 15 May 2011

Where now, after the elections?

RCT Socialist Update no. 14

The elections for the Welsh Assembly have been and gone. The Socialist Party participated in the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition electoral challenge and had a successful campaign, whilst we did not win any seats we did show throughout our campaign that there is a real alternative to the cutbacks proposed my all four major parties in Wales.

It is as clear now as it was before the elections that huge cuts will be proposed by all the main parties whether it be in Westminster, Cardiff Bay or in council chambers so the biggest question for socialists now is where next to continue the fightback against cuts?

We will be discussing this very issue at our next meeting, come along and discuss the alternative to the cuts after the elections
, we will also plan our campaigning activities for the week ahead.
Otley Arms, Treforest, Wednesday 18th May, 7.15pm

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