Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fighting for Socialist ideas

RCT Socialist Update no. 16

As we gear up to launch our campagin against the cuts to the NHS in Wales of over £1 billion proposed by the Labour led Welsh Assembly. We come around to a well timed discussion at our weekly branch meeting. This week we will be discussing the ideas put forward in the transitional programme wirtten by Leon Trotsky. Though written in 1938 the transitional programme holds within it a method which is still applicable today, it highlights in what way socialists should put forward demands within campaigns in order to raise the need for a socialist alternative to the capitalist society we have today. You can read this short article explaining it further here

Come along to the meeting,
Wednesday 1st June, 7:15pm, Otley Arms Treforest.

Also happening this week, there is a South-east Wales Socialist Women on Tuesday 31st May in Cardiff, for further details phone Mariam on 07867543191

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