Monday, 23 May 2011

Building socialism around the world

 RCT Socialist Update no. 15

This week at our regular branch meetings will will be discussing the role the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) plays in the fight for socialism around the world. The CWI is the international socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated with sister parties on all continents and in 47 countries. Come along to hear about the struggles we have been involved in around the world and how we are building on all continents. You can read this short introduction to the CWI here but whilst you there why not take a look around the rest of the website?

Come along to the meeting.
Wednesday, 7.15pm, in the Otley Arms, Treforest

At the meeting we will also be discussing our campaigning work, including our preperation for the National Shop Stewards (NSSN) Confereence on June 11th in London. The NSSN is a grassroots organisation of fighting trade unionists and at the conference there will be extensive discussions on how best to fight the cuts. you can read more about the NSSN from their website here

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