Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Legacy and lessons from Malcolm X and the Black Panthers

RCT Socialist Update no. 12

This week we will be continuing our election campaigning everyday! If you are around anytime and want to help out with the election campaign in anyway just get in touch and let us know. We have already had a great response from our street stalls and our door to door canvassing but we want to improve on that and the more people out campaigning the more we can get the message out that there is a real alternative to ALL cuts! Don't forget to vote Trade Unionists and Socialists against Cuts on May 5th.

Even with the election campaign, we are still continuing with the weekly branch meetings as normal. This week we will be discussing the legacy and the lessons to be drawn from Malcolm X and the Black Panthers and what relevance they both have for today in the struggles against racism and capitalist exploitation.

There is a great article about the legacy of Malcolm X here and one about the Black Panthers here

Come along to the meeting Wednesday 27th, 7.30pm, upstairs in the Otley Arms, Treforest

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