Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Great response for TUSC in RCT so far..

Socialist Party members in Rhondda Cynon Taff have been out campaigning for the Trade Unionist  and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)  election campaign for the Welsh Assembly region of South Wales Central. 

This has definately been the best election campaign we have ever been involved in the area. Everyone is angry with all the four main parties in Wales who have shown themselves to all be parties of cuts making TUSC the only election choice for those opposed to the cuts.

Throughout the election period we have continued with our regular campaign stalls in three of the towns in RCT. Aberdare, Tonypandy and Pontypridd. We have also been out door to door canvassing in the Graig area of Pontypridd where we have recieved a fantastic response with many residents expressing the need for a real alternative to the cuts and asking why this has not happened before.

People in RCT are rightly angry with the establishment politicians. Condems are hated for their cuts agenda and at the University of Glamorgan and Coleg Morgannwg are hated for their cuts to education. Labour have been completely exposed in the area as well.

Labour attempt to paint themselves as the alternative to the cuts however no one in Rhondda Cynon Taff takes this seriously, how could anyone take this seriously after the Labour controlled council pushed through savage cuts to the wages of the workforce with many of the 10,000 strong workforce loosing between. £2,000-£4,000 per year. 

Plaid Cymru then attempt to claim they are the alternative, yet in two neighbouring local authorities, Cardiff and Caerphilly County, where Plaid run the council (Caerphilly) and are in coalition with the Liberals (Cardiff) and in both cases have voted through cuts, particularly vicious as the cuts voted through by Plaid attack the elderly the most, in both council areas closing down care homes for the elderly.

Plaid have also hinted through their official twitter account that their ideal situation after the assembly elections is a plaid led administration in coalition with the liberals and tories, so much for the party opposing the cuts, more like the party of welsh cuts!

With this as the backdrop TUSC could only ever do well standing in opposition to all cuts, we have had a great response in the area and the campaign involves many young people involved in their first election campaign. Many of the young TUSC activists have been enthusied by th great response we have recieved on the doorstep with many window posters being displayed and many others showing and interest in getting involved with the campaign.

This culminated in a fantastic and passionate public meeting for TUSC in Pontypridd with over 20 people in attendence. The mood was determined at the meeting, with many highlighting the vital role that TUSC is playing in this election, pointing forward a real alternative to cuts, make the bankers pay no public services. Many in attendance at the meeting also stressed the need to turn TUSC into a new workers party in the future, something which is desperately needed.

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