Monday, 14 March 2011

Yahya Al Faifi wins asylum battle

The great news was recieved today, that Yahya Al Faifi has been granted the right to stay after a seven year long battle. Many members of RCT Socialist Party have been heavily involved in the campaign to defend Yahya as an exiled trade unionist from Saudia Arabia (where trade unions are illegal) for this reason we have reproduced below a short article first published on the website of Socialist Party Wales.

Saudi trade unionist taking refuge in South Wales wins right to remain

Yahya Al Faifi, exiled Saudi trade unionist and a member of Socialist Party Wales, and his family have won the right to indefinite leave to remain in Britain.

Yahya's victory has followed a seven year campaign to win refugee status from the British government that has won the support of thousands of trade unionists across the country, but especially in Wales.

He has lived in Wales for over six years during which he has become a part of the struggles of Welsh workers as well as championing the cause of Saudi workers. He first lived in Swansea where his campaign was taken up by Swansea Trades Council and the local CWU branch. At a later stage when he was moved to Cardiff by the Home Office his case was championed by Cardiff Trades Union Council.

Yahya had been forced to flee Saudi Arabia with his family in 2004 following death threats from the Saudi secret police when he publicly campaigned for trade union rights in Saudi Arabia. But flying in the face of overwhelming evidence of Yahya's danger from one of the most repressive regimes in the world, the Home Office denied that his life was under threat and have been attempting to deport Yahya and his family back to Saudi Arabia to face imprisonment, torture or even worse.

The revolutionary movements across the Middle East have undoubtedly had a huge effect in reversing the Home Office's decision. Yahya's return and imprisonment would have embarassed both governments in a time of enormous instability.

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