Sunday, 20 March 2011

Why Capitalism doesn't work

RCT Socialist Update no. 7

This week we will be discussing 'Why capitalism doesn't work, an introduction to marxist economics
' The discussion will explain how the current crisis was inevitable on the basis of capitalism and was predicted by the Socialist Party in the pages on Socialism Today as far back as 2004. We will explain the inherent contradictions in the profit system and how a socialist sysem would be able to produce for need not profit.You can read a very good and short introudction to the subject here

We will also be discussing our campaigning work for the next week including our final preparations ahead onf TUC demo in London next Saturday against the governments speinding cuts. If you haven't already got a place booked then get in touch as we will try and get a place for you.

Come along to the meeting
Wendesday 7pm, Otley Arms Treforest

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