Friday, 18 February 2011

Why I joined The Socialist Party

Rhys Harrison recently joined the RCT branch of the Socialist Party. Below he explains in his own words why he joined.

I recently joined the RCT branch of the socialist party. I’m a 23 yr old culinary student from the Graig in Pontypridd. I joined the socialist party after meeting some members at a stall in Pontypridd  town centre, the members explained to me the party’s goals and agenda, and what the alternative is to the cuts agenda.
I joined the party because I feel the ruling parties don’t care about working class people anymore, it seems that any chance they get, they make a deal to make working class people struggle and line their own pockets. You only have to walk down the high street, to see the effect of the council’s will to sell off our peoples hard work and heritage, its lined with steal shutters and boarded  up shops. They will tell you its just economic downturns and the youths laziness, were in fact, its their corruption, backhanding and greed that have put the South Wales Valleys in the state it’s in today.
If we ever hope to give our children a future we must first fight for ours, I feel that the socialist party is the only organization that can speak for the people most affected by Westminster and local greed. It’s up to us, the youth, to organize and fight all cuts, budgets, and tyrannical corporate agendas they choose to impose on working class people. The time for blindness is over, we must open our eyes and tell Westminster, and the assembly that what we see is wrong, and that we will make them change their ways. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.   

By Rhys Harrison

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